IGRAM is capable of developing plants for the processing and manufacturing of animal feeds boasting an hourly capacity of 2 – 4- 10 – 20 tons/h

The plants can be developed with either a horizontal or a vertical layout and envisage the following:

Intake Section

The receipt takes place from the receipt hopper, in bags or in bulk, by means of trucks with or without a tipping semi-trailer truck or mechanical shovel. Thereafter, a sequence of screw conveyors, bucket elevators and pneumatic diverters take the various raw materials into the selected storage cell.

Dosing Section

In a container-scale, placed on the loading cells, the various raw materials are automatically dosed, in sequence and in relation to the recipe under processing. The said dosing takes place via the augers installed in the discharge of every silo.

Milling Section

Once the dosing of the last component of the recipe has been completed, the opening of the discharge shutter of the container-scale enables, through the help of a screw conveyor, the transfer of the product from the grinding mill which reduces the various grains into flour, in relation to the installed grill.

Mixing section

A pneumatic transport system takes the flour - resulting from the milling process - through a pneumatic transport under vacuum, to the batch mixer which, within a time span ranging from 5 to 6 minutes, enables a homogenous mixing of the raw materials. The subsequent opening of the discharge shutter of the mixer enables, by force of gravity, the passage of the mixture to the receipt hopper underneath the mixer itself.

Pelletting section

By means of a screw extractor and a bucket elevator, the product is transferred from the mixer hopper to the pre-pelletting container placed above the press. The flour is conditioned inside the conditioning group of the press and then “pelletted”. Pelletting is a thermo-mechanical process.

Packaging section

The pellet extracted from the cooling tower is stored, through a bucket elevator, in a storage container, at the discharge pipeline of which a screw extractor is installed with the function of dosing the product to be weighed and packaged though a semi-automatic packaging scale.

Each section is designed according to the latest technological developments. Besides these standard sections, the IGRAM group is also capable of designing and supplying the preparation and micro-dosing for supplements, lines for extrusion, micronization, dosing and the addition of liquids.

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