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Elettromeccanica Veneta (EV), a company from Verona which has been on the market since 1976, develops the electrical part, both hardware and software. EV proactively takes part in all the planning stages, and intervenes by bringing onto the table its own 40-year expertise in electrical distribution and automation, gained from the realization of plants built all over the world. The company know-how further allows us the conversion into low voltage of the electricity supplied by the local body, used to feed the production system.

Beginning with the electric power of the production machineries and the auxiliary ones thereto,  all the electrical elements, medium voltage compartments, transformers, power centre panels, automation panels, feeding lines and auxiliary systems are dimensioned in cascade sizes. The heart of the realized plant is the control room, which hosts the automation panels, the supervision PC and the graphic interface. The automation panels, which enable the operation of the plant, are built with reliable elements, as a consequence of the countless tests which have orientated the choice towards the best products on the market. The operation of the entire plants is directly managed by the client’s staff, adequately trained by EV software technicians.

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Elettromeccanica Veneta Via Casa Cuchi, 7 37020 – S. Maria di Negrar (VR)