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La Meccanica di Reffo s.r.l., founded in the year 1961 in Cittadella, in the province of Padua, boasts an experience of over 50 years in the animal feed sector and one of 15 years in the sector of biomass processing.

Currently, the company employs about 55 employees, 40 of them in the production area, and is present, directly or indirectly, in approximately 45 countries in the world.The production plant stretches over a surface of approximately 10,000 m².

The company, due to a precise corporate policy, has always carried out both the planning and the production, thereby ensuring strict control over the quality of the product.To date, the annual turnover is around 17 million Euros, with a share of exports amounting to 75%. The main Countries of destination are Germany, France, South Africa, Egypt, the US and Russia.

At present, the company is an organization focusing on a service adapted to the client, both through the supply of pellet production lines and through the supply of spare parts and wear parts for all the main producers of pellets presses: La Meccanica is one of the main producers of dies currently operating on the international market.

The production of machines, dies, rolls and rollers-shells supplied to clients who also make use of competitors’ products, has enabled La Meccanica to acquire a specific know-how on the behaviour of the different raw materials under process conditions: Expertise and skills which have grown into one of IGRAM Group’s strengths.

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